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Digital Media

“Our Vote Matters” (2018)

This is a media and design collaboration project with my sister Jessica Harjo of We.Ome.Pe designs as a team with the Wazhazhe Elections office of the Osage Nation of Oklahoma. This was our biggest project; we created content for signs, banners, fans, brochures, flyers, buttons, t-shirts, bracelets, etc. The video was Erica’s lead, and a complete rebranding of the office was Jessica’s lead. Thankful to be able to work alongside my sister on a creative project, looking forward to future projects and collaborations.

“How Coyote and Eagle Stole the Sun and the Moon” (2015)

A Zuni creation story about how we got winter. Created at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM.

This was my first visual story that I was able to produce. I hand sketched each character and brought them to life in Photoshop, I recorded the voice over in a professional setting, and I also wrote the script. I have a goal one day to create a series of animated creation stories. This project was a starting point of my vision, and now that I have improved my skills, I hope to continue this goal during my break of school. Enjoy!

Honors + features

  • cultural animation film festival | honolulu, hi | may 2019

  • Toas Shortz Film Festival | Toas, NM | March 2015

  • Community Screening | Santa Fe, NM | January 2015

  • Featured in various school classes | 2015

  • IAIA’s Student Showcase Screening | Santa Fe, NM | 2014

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